Recording Studios


We shed light on everyone in the room.
Have your studio in full lighting for set-up, work lighting that minimizes shadows over the engineer, overdubbing musicians, and your client.
Decorative and colored lamps provide a stress-free mood and creative atmosphere.


Recording studios are sanctuaries for musicians and sound artists.
We have the perfect combination of acoustics, lighting, and design. Shape may be the real advantage for your performance room as you search for the sweet spot.
A line-of-sight shape in the studio provides better eye contact. Control rooms are best when the view is stable at the mix position


You want the ultimate sound. Our studio has varying acoustical character throughout the room providing different ambience for recording flexibility.
The control room varies in depth and acoustic treatment to fit your every need.
While control room acoustics require shorter reverb times, longer reverb is often desired in the performance room.

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